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Mastering the XMO Course

The Mastering the XMO Course in an 8-hour course that takes learners through the XMO concepts, then explores an XMO’s scope, the roles required, a variety of science of experience management techniques, the art of experience interpretations, and dealing with the experience ecosystem in an operational environment.

In Class Experience

We create engaging in-class experiences to keep you engaged, learn effectively, and set you up for success.

  • The course includes group discussions, participant examples of experience challenges they are facing, and exercises using XMO example operational scenarios simulations to make the course as meaningful as possible.
  • The course concludes with an exciting capstone exercise simulating a 9-month XMO operation in which a variety of experience issues arise, are investigated and action determined to pull together all that has been learned.

Delivery Options

XLACollab offers a variety of class formats and options:

  • Delivery options
  • Public open-enrollment training onsite and online
  • Corporate on-site training
  • Custom-built workshops
  • Becoming a training partner