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ITIL is the leading Service Management best practice in the world and has been for over 30 years.  ITIL 4 builds upon this experience to reshape the framework and modernize the practices to include concepts such as customer experience, value streams and digital transformation.

ITIL 4 Practices

ITIL 4 reorganizes the framework and moves on from the IT Service lifecycle we have come to know in Version 3.  ITIL 4 is now based on 2 key components:  The ITIL Service Value System and the Four Dimensions Model.

ITIL 4 is documented in a series of books starting with Foundation, which align with the new ITIL 4 certification scheme.

There are 3 Specialist books:

There is one Strategist book

There is one Leader book

See our page on the ITIL 4 Certification Scheme for more information on how to get certified and the different types of certifications.

OwlPoint ITIL 4 Consulting Services

OwlPoint is the premier ITIL consultancy in the United States.  In addition to our full range of IT Service Management consulting services, we are leaders in ITIL 4 advice and consulting.  The following services are a few ways OwlPoint can help you maximize the value of your organization, leveraging the modern version of ITIL.

Readiness Assessment

The ITIL 4 Readiness Assessment provides a baseline of organizational maturity and preparation to adopt ITIL 4 Best Practices and performs a gap analysis between your current state and ideal state. Findings and recommendations include a roadmap charting the best path forward to maximize organizational value.


Our ITIL 4 Planning service, helps you figure out the best approach for starting your ITIL 4 journey.  Have OwlPoint’s expert ITIL consultants determine what is the best strategy for your organization based on your organization’s objectives, core strengths, current ITIL knowledge, and commitment for certain improvements.  We provide you a clear roadmap with defined ITIL 4 program objectives, project requirements, time-frames, and resource estimates to set you on a successful path of adoption.

Value Stream Mapping

Our Value Stream Mapping service is a facilitated workshop or series of workshops that aligns and engages business and IT stakeholders on shaping and managing demand, defining value and how it is co-created. Workshop objectives are to document and combine value chain activities that support the delivery of IT services.

Design & Implementation

The Design and Implementation service examines the service delivery model, its outputs, and required actions by service owners. Our service is highly flexible, allowing our practitioners to educate and enable your staff to implement the action plan independently, work together, or do it on their behalf, allowing them to focus on other transformational priorities.

Check out our new ITIL 4 Readiness Evaluation Tool – It can help you figure out if you are in good shape to start the ITIL 4 Journey.


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Major AXELOS Announcement

OwlPoint’s CEO, Mark Blanke, and AXELOS’s Adam Griffith discussed new products related to ITIL 4. Details of the ITIL Maturity Model were reviewed along with the first public announcement of 2 new ITIL 4 Modules.

ITIL Maturity Model Webinar

AXELOS just released the new ITIL Maturity Model assessment! If you want to know how this can help your organization, this webinar will answer your questions.

The Importance of Conducting An ITIL Assessment

You can’t build a roadmap to meet your objectives if you don’t know where you are at the beginning.

How Can the ITIL Maturity Model Benefit Our Organization?

The ITIL® Maturity Model is a tool used to objectively and comprehensively assess an organization’s service management capabilities and the maturity of the organization’s Service Value System (SVS).

ITIL Maturity Model and ITIL Assessment Q&A

With the upcoming changes to the ITIL Maturity Model soon to be released by AXELOS, OwlPoint answers common questions about the new Capability and Maturity Model updated for ITIL 4.

The ITIL Maturity Model

To aid in our improvement goals and underscore one of the major components of the ITIL Service Value System, Continual Improvement, AXELOS has updated the ITIL Maturity Model. This will enable organizations to conduct evaluations and establish baselines to facilitate a continual improvement program.

OwlPoint Announces Continued Partnership with AXELOS

OwlPoint is pleased to announce that it has extended its consulting partnership with AXELOS. This is OwlPoint’s fourth year as an official AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP). For over a decade, OwlPoint’s focus has been on helping companies improve their organizations by leveraging best practices in areas such as Project and Program Management and Service Management. […]

ITIL v3 Will Be Discontinued. What to do?

In 2019, AXELOS launched ITIL® 4, an update to ITIL v3, to stay aligned with the changing needs of businesses. Following the success of ITIL 4, they have decided that ITIL v3 will be discontinued by the end of 2021. What does that mean for those who are still working on their ITIL v3 certifications? This […]

All ITIL 4 Practices Published

A few weeks ago, AXELOS announced that they had completed the publication of all 34 ITIL 4 practice guides.

Starting with an Assessment and Roadmap

Organizations often wonder where to start when attempting to improve, and if you follow the ITIL 4 Guiding Principles the answer is, “start where you are”. However, that is just a small part of moving forward to improve maturity and adding capabilities. Enter the IT Assessment. To find out more on how to improve, read […]