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ITSM Assessment

An ITSM Assessment may sound like an expensive and painful undertaking. With OwlPoint, it doesn’t have to be. While the “Big 4” may charge a king’s ransom, we can get it done more quickly, economically and have more direct experience. This assessment benefits organizations of every size and industry. As an AXELOS Consulting Partner, we have the expertise and experience to provide an actionable, high-level roadmap for improvement.

An ITSM Assessment may seem like a “nice to have” when in reality it’s a “need to have.” Many well-intentioned IT organizations are slow to adopt best-practice standards and consequently performance suffers. With the ever-changing world of work, relying on outdated systems and processes will quickly become a business liability.

OwlPoint’s ITSM Assessment gives you the information you need to engage with top stakeholders at your organization and co-create the roadmap to achieve desired outcomes.

OwlPoint’s proprietary 5-step ADVICE™ Assessment provides clients
an in-depth understanding of business goals and the actions required to meet those goals. IT and current business processes are evaluated against ITIL® 4 best practices to discover what is working – and what isn’t. Based on feedback, our consultants work collaboratively with your team to define business requirements, categorize and prioritize needs, and work with both the business and IT to co-create value and positive outcomes for
all stakeholders.

OwlPoint’s ADVICE™ methodology

OwlPoint’s ITSM Assessment uses our proven ADVICE™ methodology to identify current gaps in your ITSM capability, processes, documentation, and accessibility. OwlPoint Professional Network’s deep experience and proprietary ADVICE methodology is best in class and expedites the financial benefit of a reliable and repeatable program.

Our ADVICE methodology includes five steps so that you get the information you need – and fast.

  1. Identify Requirements and Goals – Working with the project sponsor and key stakeholders, OwlPoint will identify the organization’s goals and document the defined requirements for operational processes.
  2. Conduct Current State Review – OwlPoint will review how the operational processes are currently implemented within the IT organization. OwlPoint will interview various key stakeholders, interview other process operatives, review current process documentation, and review currently implemented and available technologies. OwlPoint will also look at the external drivers for proper implementation of operational processes.
  3. Perform Gap Analysis – The current implementation, capabilities and requirements will be compared to best practices. The gaps identified will be documented and included as items for improvement within the findings and recommendations as well as the Roadmap.
  4. Present Findings and Recommendations – OwlPoint will assemble a comprehensive ITSM Assessment Presentation. This executive presentation will include all significant items, defined goals, current capabilities including process maturity ratings, identified gaps, and recommendations for improvement.
  5. Assemble Roadmap – A high-level roadmap summarizing the grouping, order and timeline for implementation steps that should be taken to achieve the defined goals including the desired levels of maturity for each of the processes.

All areas of your business reply on IT everyday to meet goals and measure progress. The results of an ITSM Assessment and roadmap benefit every area of your organization – not just IT.

OwlPoint’s proven ITSM Assessment can have a significant positive impact on your organization – especially in times like this. With the information and plan in place, your organization will be able to excel in today’s current environment and have a strong foundation to grow and mature in the future.