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Digital and IT Strategy

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy addresses the role of strategy within a digitally-enabled organization. It provides an
overview of the capabilities needed to compete in a digital world, as well as suggestions to how
organizations can evaluate new technology and its potential for competitive differentiation.

Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) is one of five ITIL 4 publications that build on the concepts introduced in ITIL Foundation and one of the two publications that contributes to the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Certification.

Practices relevant to DITS include:

  • Architecture Management
  • Measurement And Reporting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Service Financial Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Workforce and Talent Management

DITS is focused on the strategic aspects of Service Management.  It takes a continual improvement approach to Strategy and reviews best practice related to each step:  What is the vision of the organization and where is it today?  Then how do you get there and so forth.

DITS reviews various strategy and management techniques that can be used to establish a strategy and an IT strategy.  It reviews digital maturity and positioning models, digital and IT transformation, and managing organizational change.

DITS also reviews many other topics related to strategy including how to deal with external factors, providing digital leadership, and managing innovation.

DITS is yet another example of ITIL 4’s growth as a true management framework and one that can be leveraged to addresses modern IT challenges.

OwlPoint provides consulting and education related to the strategic aspects of Service Management.  The official DITS Education and Certification Class will be available in September 2020.

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