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In the consistently evolving digital world, customer and employee experience should be an organization’s primary focus. Common sense dictates that, if an employee is happy, his or her satisfaction will trickle down to the customer. It is imperative that organizations recognize the importance of a positive digital experience for their employees to remain at a competitive advantage.

OwlPoint Experience Management

The best way for a business to improve their digital employee experience is to focus on Experience Management.  This is achieved through the use of XLAs (Experience Level Agreements) and XIs (Experience Indicators). An XLA places the outcomes that determine the consumer experience central to design efforts. XIs are real time experience indicators that support XLAs by mapping delivery capability. Together, XLAs and XIs take the investments that an organization has already made and improves them to create an experience that matters.

Using our proven methodology developed in conjunction with the industry authority on Experience Management, XLACollab, OwlPoint will help your organization deliver on experiences that make both your employees and your customers happy. Our framework will ensure that your organization provides the best experience possible.

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The Watermelon Effect

by Jeffrey Tefertiller I have enjoyed watermelons most of my life, and it has grown since the emergence of “seedless” watermelons. For those unfamiliar, these seedless watermelons still have seeds. They are just small, edible, and are not the nuisance of the “seeded” watermelons. In our family, we each want to be the one who […]

The Big Mistake in Experience Management

So many companies make this mistake when it comes to delivering IT Services. Are you making this big mistake in Experience Management?

OwlPoint Announces Partnership with XLACollab

wlPoint proudly announces a partnership with XLACollab, the global thought leader in enterprise-level Art and Science of Experience. With this partnership, OwlPoint takes another critical step to assist its clients in leveraging their service management investments to ensure excellent employee experiences.

Experience Management in IT Service Management

Understanding the customer’s wants and needs is the proper starting place for such a decision. Even while the consumer world is focusing on the customer’s satisfaction and experience, this concept is only now starting to penetrate IT. Our consumers increasingly have a choice in the services they use, and the way they feel when they consume these services dictates their future spending. Welcome to the world of experience management.

My Support Experience – Survey says…. DISSATISFIED

For years, IT has loved sending customers surveys to measure satisfaction with the service provided. Here us an example of an IT survey that failed to adequately measure the support experience of the end user – and the experience went from bad to worse.

Introducing Experience Management

Are your customers sitting in 9C? When customers evaluate your service, do they remember the experience or the statistics? There is a better way to measure and it is called eXperience Management.