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Create, Deliver and Support

ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support addresses the cultural and team management aspects of product and service management.  It provides an overview of the tools and technologies which support service management and demonstrates how to integrate management practices into end-to-end value streams.

Create, Deliver and Support (CDS) is one of five ITIL 4 publications that build on the concepts introduced in ITIL Foundation and one of the four publications that contribute to the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Certification.

Practices relevant to CDS include:

  • Change Enablement
  • Deployment Management
  • Incident Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Monitoring and Event Management
  • Problem Management
  • Release Management
  • Service Design
  • Service Desk
  • Service Level Management
  • Service Validation and Testing
  • Software Development and Management

CDS defines many of the traditional Service Management best practices including the processes of rolling out services and supporting them.  CDS describes the key concepts of Service Management, advanced techniques for delivering and supporting Services, and automation that can be applied, such as leveraging artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Create, Deliver, and Support is part of the ITIL Managing Professional certification schema. You can be certified as an ITIL 4 Specialist in Create, Deliver & Support which builds towards the ITIL Managing Professional Certification if that is your goal.

In order to take the CDS course and certification exam, you are required to have completed the ITIL Foundation Certificate (ITIL 4)

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