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RAPID Service Desk Assessment

An OwlPoint RAPID Service Desk Assessment can quickly evaluate your Service Desk’s effectiveness and perceived value throughout your organization.  In one week, you can understand how strong your Service Desk is when supporting users and handling requests. Once completed, the assessment can show you how to apply ITIL 4 best practices to improve performance, quality of service and cost effectiveness.

If you ask most people at your organization who they think of as “the IT department,” chances are they will name the people who work at the Service Desk.  These people are the “face” of IT at most companies, to both employees and customers.  In addition to normal service requests, Service Desk staff are the first line of defense when a laptop goes on the fritz or a customer cannot log into the portal. Not the CIO, not the VP of IT, but the Service Desk.  So – how are they doing?  Are internal and external stakeholders happy with how requests are handled, or do you hear things like, the “No Help Desk” and anecdotes about problems that take forever to get resolved? How can you know what is factual and what’s just hearsay?

While the Service Desk is “the face of IT” for many companies, it’s often the last in line for continual improvement initiatives and IT budget dollars. As a result, stakeholders often see interacting with the Service Desk as a chore, as opposed to an opportunity to engage with IT in order to achieve desired results.  You’ll likely hear an increase in complaints regarding the Service Desk if steps haven’t been taken to improve the Service Desk knowledge and capabilities –  especially when making significant changes like transitioning to a distributed employee model in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

OwlPoint’s RAPID Service Desk assessment will review your Service Desk’s current state and provide an actionable set of recommendations for improving effectiveness to better serve your customers.

The assessment can provide benefits when done in anticipation of significant change, such as supporting a new business unit or rolling out support for a major application. It may also be helpful if you feel that the Service Desk is not able to meet the needs of their customers on an ongoing basis or if your ITSM Platforms, such as ServiceNow, Cherwell, BMC, or Ivanti, is not providing the value it should to the organization.

OwlPoint’s ADVICE© methodology

By using OwlPoint’s proven ADVICE methodology for a Rapid Service Desk Assessment, we can identify current gaps in your Service Desk’s capability, processes, documentation, and accessibility. With that information in hand, we know where to focus your improvement efforts. As a result, issues such as delayed resolution time and unfulfilled requests can be quickly addressed and resolved.

Our ADVICE methodology includes four steps so that you get the information you need – and fast.

  1. Identify Requirements and Goals – Working with the project sponsor and key stakeholders, OwlPoint will identify the organization’s Service Desk priorities, current challenges, and desired state.
  2. Conduct Current State Review – OwlPoint will review the current capabilities of the Service Desk organization. OwlPoint will interview various key stakeholders, interview other process operatives, review current process documentation, such as Incident and Problem Management, and review currently implemented and available technologies.
  3. Perform Gap Analysis – The current Service Desk capabilities and requirements will be compared to ITIL best practices and OwlPoint’s experience. The gaps identified will be documented and included as items for improvement within the findings and recommendations.
  4. Present Findings and Recommendations – OwlPoint will assemble and present an executive level presentation, highlighting significant findings, defined goals, current capabilities including process maturity ratings, identified gaps, and recommendations for improvement.

While other consulting firms may present a Service Desk audit as a lengthy and expensive endeavor, OwlPoint has the knowledge and experience to uncover the source of challenges quickly and efficiently.

Do not let your organization’s perception of IT be less than positive because of simple Service Desk issues.  Our RAPID Service Desk Assessment can ensure that IT consistently and reliably produces value for all end users.