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The Watermelon Effect

by Jeffrey Tefertiller I have enjoyed watermelons most of my life, and it has grown since the emergence of “seedless” watermelons. For those unfamiliar, these seedless watermelons still have seeds. They are just small, edible, and are not the nuisance of the “seeded” watermelons. In our family, we each want to be the one who […]

Major AXELOS Announcement

OwlPoint’s CEO, Mark Blanke, and AXELOS’s Adam Griffith discussed new products related to ITIL 4. Details of the ITIL Maturity Model were reviewed along with the first public announcement of 2 new ITIL 4 Modules.

What is an Experience Level Agreement or “XLA”?

As a concept, XLA measures Employee Engagement along with other factors.

ITIL Maturity Model Webinar

AXELOS just released the new ITIL Maturity Model assessment! If you want to know how this can help your organization, this webinar will answer your questions.

The Importance of Conducting An ITIL Assessment

You can’t build a roadmap to meet your objectives if you don’t know where you are at the beginning.

How Can the ITIL Maturity Model Benefit Our Organization?

The ITIL® Maturity Model is a tool used to objectively and comprehensively assess an organization’s service management capabilities and the maturity of the organization’s Service Value System (SVS).

The Ins and Outs of ITIL

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library.  However, with ITIL now being a broad framework that can be applied to a broad range of service organizations beyond solely IT, “ITIL” is no longer an acronym and has become a term to describe the best practices framework.

The Big Mistake in Experience Management

So many companies make this mistake when it comes to delivering IT Services. Are you making this big mistake in Experience Management?

OwlPoint Announces Partnership with XLACollab

wlPoint proudly announces a partnership with XLACollab, the global thought leader in enterprise-level Art and Science of Experience. With this partnership, OwlPoint takes another critical step to assist its clients in leveraging their service management investments to ensure excellent employee experiences.

ITIL Maturity Model and ITIL Assessment Q&A

With the upcoming changes to the ITIL Maturity Model soon to be released by AXELOS, OwlPoint answers common questions about the new Capability and Maturity Model updated for ITIL 4.

Experience Management in IT Service Management

Understanding the customer’s wants and needs is the proper starting place for such a decision. Even while the consumer world is focusing on the customer’s satisfaction and experience, this concept is only now starting to penetrate IT. Our consumers increasingly have a choice in the services they use, and the way they feel when they consume these services dictates their future spending. Welcome to the world of experience management.

The ITIL Maturity Model

To aid in our improvement goals and underscore one of the major components of the ITIL Service Value System, Continual Improvement, AXELOS has updated the ITIL Maturity Model. This will enable organizations to conduct evaluations and establish baselines to facilitate a continual improvement program.

ITIL 4 and the Business

IT consistently impacts the business. From finance to human resources, each department voraciously consumes digital services – often without even realizing it.

My Support Experience – Survey says…. DISSATISFIED

For years, IT has loved sending customers surveys to measure satisfaction with the service provided. Here us an example of an IT survey that failed to adequately measure the support experience of the end user – and the experience went from bad to worse.

Standardize Business Processes Prior to Tool Implementation

IT organizations are often called upon to assist their companies transform themselves by applying new technologies and improving their business processes. However, these new business processes should be standardized and documented before new tools are implemented.

OwlPoint Announces Continued Partnership with AXELOS

OwlPoint is pleased to announce that it has extended its consulting partnership with AXELOS. This is OwlPoint’s fourth year as an official AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP). For over a decade, OwlPoint’s focus has been on helping companies improve their organizations by leveraging best practices in areas such as Project and Program Management and Service Management. […]

Common ITSM Platform Selection Mistakes

Greg Smith describes a list of common mistakes made he has seen people make when selecting and implementing ITSM tools and provides some advice on how to ensure success with your new platform.

Value Co-Creation – Are Your Stakeholders Satisfied?

A successful business works with their customer to co-create value. While this is more prevalent in the COVID-19 era, it’s something that service providers should have done before the pandemic and something they should strive to do long after we’re all vaccinated and things are back to “business as usual”.  From an IT perspective, IT services are […]

Beware of The Checklist Illusion

People often confuse the existence of items such as process documents, knowledge articles and tool functionality with the effective and efficient use of same. ITSM isn’t a shopping list and just because you put something in your cart and check it off the list does not mean IT and the Business is benefiting from it.

Introducing Experience Management

Are your customers sitting in 9C? When customers evaluate your service, do they remember the experience or the statistics? There is a better way to measure and it is called eXperience Management.

Change Manager Challenges

Change Managers regularly face challenges unique to their role. If you’re new to Change Enablement, below highlights a few challenges you should prepare for.

Change Manager – 4 Key Attributes for this Unique Role

The key to a successful Change Enablement program is the Change Manager. What traits are needed for this unique role within ISTM?

ITIL v3 Will Be Discontinued. What to do?

In 2019, AXELOS launched ITIL® 4, an update to ITIL v3, to stay aligned with the changing needs of businesses. Following the success of ITIL 4, they have decided that ITIL v3 will be discontinued by the end of 2021. What does that mean for those who are still working on their ITIL v3 certifications? This […]

The COVID-19 Asset Sprawl

Early this spring, many asset managers were presented with scenarios they’d never imaged could or would happen. Many were told that in just a matter of weeks, they would need to mobilize a massive workforce to work remotely.

ITIL 4 and Site Reliability Engineering

One of the aspects of ITIL 4 that has impressed me the most is the integration and reference to so many other best practices and frameworks. One such reference is to Site Reliability Engineering aka SRE. SRE was originally developed by Google in the mid 2000s as a way of operating and administering productions system with a software development mindset.