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How Can the ITIL Maturity Model Benefit Our Organization?

How Can the ITIL Maturity Model Benefit Our Organization? September 14, 2021
ITIL Maturity

by Greg Smith

What is the ITIL Maturity Model? 

The ITIL® Maturity Model is a tool used to objectively and comprehensively assess an organization’s service management capabilities and the maturity of the organization’s Service Value System (SVS). 

AXELOS is about to release the new ITIL Maturity Model which OwlPoint – the most tenured AXELOS Consulting Partner in the US – will use to assess clients’ service management capabilities. 

Why would an Organization need an ITIL assessment? 

There are three main reasons an organization would want to have an ITIL assessment performed: 

  • To achieve a desired level of certification and/or meet contractual obligations, they must meet a pre-defined level of maturity and capability. 
  • They have undertaken a Service Management implementation or improvement initiative and need to validate the project goals have been met. 
  • They are preparing to undertake a Service Management implementation or improvement initiative and want to determine current state and identify improvement recommendations targeted to meet their organization’s objectives. 

How would my Organization benefit from an ITIL assessment? 

The result of an Assessment is knowing where you are – your current state rating in ITIL maturity and capability.  This current-state knowledge can be used in the following ways: 

  • Once you have an initial Assessment, in the future you can use this current state knowledge to compare against the results of a previous assessment using the ITIL Maturity Model.   
  • Once sufficient data exists from assessments using the ITIL Maturity Model, you can compare the results of your ITIL Assessment against others in your industry (“benchmarking”).   
  • The most beneficial and immediate result of an ITIL Assessment is as a key component of a Service Management Improvement Initiative. 

There are three parts to any improvement initiative: 

1. Knowing where you want to be (your goals and objectives) 
2. Knowing where you are (your “current state”) 
3. Identifying how to get there (recommendations) 

With your Organization’s goals and objectives in mind, an ITIL assessment identifying the current state helps an AXELOS Consulting Partner, such as OwlPoint, identify recommendations. From there, the Consulting Partner can determine improvements to prioritize and how to implement them. This will help an organizaton achieve optimum Service Management improvements. 

For more information on the ITIL Maturity Model and ITIL Assessments, see our Q&A on the topic.

If you’d like to know more about planning an ITIL Assessment for your organization, send us an email at ITILMaturityAssessment@owlpoint.com or contact us