Home News Top IT Service Management Company Releases Suite of RAPID™ IT Assessments That Provide Fast Results

Top IT Service Management Company Releases Suite of RAPID™ IT Assessments That Provide Fast Results

Top IT Service Management Company Releases Suite of RAPID™ IT Assessments That Provide Fast Results July 20, 2020
RAPID Assessments

Assessments That Empower IT Leaders to Improve Effectiveness Quickly  


After working diligently since March 2020 to develop processes for CIOs and IT leaders to improve efficiency quickly, OwlPoint has just released a suite of three unique RAPID IT assessments: Service Desk Effectiveness, ITIL 4 Readiness, and IT Assessment Management.  

RAPID – which is an acronym for Results And Priorities In Double Time – take one week to complete and cost $6000.  With the message that IT consulting does not have to be costly and time-consuming, OwlPoint has developed a way to rapidly solve some of the IT dilemmas that are taking up too much time and money when both are in short supply. With a COVID-impacted workforce, economic uncertainty, and budget freezes, it is up to IT leaders to make everything work smoothly and be as cost effective as possible  The easiest way to free up budget dollars and IT staff is to uncover inefficiencies and redundancies.   

Too often, IT departments find themselves overburdened and underappreciated, but with OwlPoint’s support they can gain traction on solving common issues. An IT assessment may sound like an expensive and painful undertaking; however, with OwlPoint it doesn’t have to be. 

“While the ‘Big 4’ may charge a king’s ransom – if you can even get them to return your phone call – we can get it done more quickly and economically. These assessments will benefit organizations of every size and industry. As an AXELOS Consulting Partner, we have the expertise and experience to provide actionable recommendations that immediately provide recognizable value.” states Mark Blanke, CEO of OwlPoint. 

Blanke continues, “We can integrate our extensive experience and hands-on knowledge to empower our clients within their organization. We deliver to our clients the most valuable and successful path towards adopting best practices to manage their IT organizations.” 

The RAPID Service Desk Effectiveness Assessment can quickly evaluate your Service Desk’s performance and perceived value throughout your organization.  In one week, you can understand where to focus efforts to quickly improve the Service Desk’s customer experience, effectiveness and efficiency when supporting users and handling requests.  

The RAPID IT Assessment Management swiftly evaluates your IT Asset Management abilities – and how to make changes that significantly benefit financial management. With this assessment, you can determine your organization’s ability to track and manage IT Assets to control related finances and risk.  

Finally, the RAPID ITIL 4 Readiness Assessment will review the current state of your Service Management program and guide you as you look to implement or transition to ITIL 4. Moving to ITIL 4 does not need to be a daunting or overwhelming process. Leveraging what you already have in place, and focusing on improving the areas of greatest need, will increase the velocity and success of your adoption of ITIL 4. 

From start-ups to enterprise-level companies, OwlPoint can tackle IT challenges and significantly improve the responsiveness and reputation of IT within the organization.  

About OwlPoint – For over a decade, OwlPoint has been empowering IT to co-create value and align strategy with business stakeholders. We are grounded by integrity, driven by experience, and motivated by inspiring our clients to reach their company’s goals. We provide solutions that ensure effectiveness, scalability, and value for the future. Our objective from the beginning has been to develop IT teams so they are recognized as invaluable contributors to their organization’s success. 

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