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Celebrating OwlPoint 12-year Anniversary

Celebrating OwlPoint 12-year Anniversary July 24, 2020
OwlPoint 12 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that it has been 12 years since OwlPoint launched. So much has happened in those years, and I am truly proud of the work our team has done to empower our clients.  We have helped companies ranging from mid-sized firms to some of the largest global entities.  Our services and experience have allowed clients to improve their Service Management and Project Management, and we continue to help organization with all aspects of managing an IT organization and facilitating successful transformations.

In an interesting sequence of events, 12 years ago was economically very similar to where we are now; a lot of uncertainty.  Immediately after the launch of OwlPoint, the subprime mortgage industry crashed leading to major financial firms failing, and then the Great Recession.  By no means am I indicating I think another great recession is looming, but we are living in an environment of a lot of unknowns and are looking into how to better ourselves for the future.

After the launch of OwlPoint and watching all our prospective customers struggle and stop spending money, I wondered if I had made a terrible mistake.  Was our company not going to be viable and financially able to succeed in such trying times?  However, I learned two major things from that difficult experience.  First, invest your money wisely on items that you truly need, not things you would just like to have. It forced us to be very fiscally responsible which has served us well over the years.  Second, services that help with governance and that improve efficiency are valuable during all economic times, especially when money is tight.

I look forward to many more years of success at OwlPoint, meeting new people and helping clients.  If you are looking to improve your IT organization’s efficiency and effectiveness, take a look at our new line of RAPID services and give us a call.