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ITIL 3 to 4: The ITIL Service Value System

ITIL 3 to 4: The ITIL Service Value System July 9, 2019
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IT Service Management has always been focused on providing value to the business through the delivery of IT Services. The ITIL 4 framework moves away from the Version 3 IT Services Lifecycle and introduces two key components:  The Service Value System (SVS) and the Four Dimensions Model.  In this blog we will describe the SVS and in one of our next blog entries we will describe the makeup of the Four Dimension Model.

The ITIL SVS leverages some of the principles of Lean Six Sigma, namely aligning with the Value Stream and focusing on the customer.  The SVS’s goal is to show how all the components and activities of the organization work together to enable value creation. (You will hear this term a lot in ITIL 4 – value creation and value co-creation.)

service value system
The ITIL SVS introduced in ITIL 4

Service Value System Key Components

The key components of the SVS are the Guiding Principles, Governance, Service Value Chain, Practices, and Continual Improvement.  The Guiding Principles were introduced in the previous ITIL Practitioner Guidance and have been slightly modified – They provide the principles the organization should follow in all circumstances.  Governance provides the controls for direction and oversight.  The Value Chain leverages different combinations of ITIL practices to convert inputs into outputs (or specifically converting opportunities and demand into Value).  The ITIL Practices are the capabilities of the organization (see our previous Blog) and Continual Improvements (renamed from CSI in Version 3) provides a consistent evaluation and enhancement of the services and practices.

To really focus on the what makes ITIL 4 different from previous versions of ITIL, take a look at the ITIL Value System.  It is this model, which is used throughout the guidance, that explains how to apply a practice to achieve certain goals.  Building out the whole Value System will be key for your organization to appropriately adopt ITIL 4.

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