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Operational Excellence is an integrated process that not only reduces costs but also enhances quality and value across the business through continuous improvement focused on increasing effectiveness and efficiency. Laying the foundation for Operational Excellence is the most important thing a CIO can do to normalize operations and set the stage for driving transformative business change.
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Far too often leaders find themselves and their teams working in the business rather than on the business, going from one crisis to the next with little time to innovate and make significant change. When core requirements like on-time project delivery, infrastructure needs and high levels of service to stakeholder are in place, leaders can focus on proactive initiatives that increase revenue, automate processes and enable business agility and competitive advantage. OwlPoint consultants can help you embark on your Operational Excellence journey and take advantage of a variety of opportunities. Some examples are:

  • Establishing a Governance strategy and process that creates operational oversight, reduces inefficiencies, costs and risks.
  • Standup or augmenting your Center of Excellence function to create and reinforce quality standards and insure adoption of IT investments.
  • Drive grass roots culture change via Organizational Change Management that changes hearts and minds and connects users to deeper motivations.
  • Minimizing Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) costs that allows shift of IT investments towards business differentiating initiatives.

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