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Organizational governance is a system by which an organization is directed and controlled. Governance defines the common goals and directions, policies, and rules that the Organization uses to deliver and maintain its services.

Governance is needed to ensure:

  • The organization’s practices work in line with the strategic goals and direction established by sponsor groups or governing bodies​
  • The governing body maintains oversight of the Service Value System​
  • Both the governing body and all levels of management maintain alignment through a clear set of shared principles and objectives​
  • Governance and management continually improve to meet stakeholders’ expectations
  • Value is achieved

What Governance does:

  • Governance sets the strategy and goals to meet business needs​
  • Governance ensures all levels of management and staff are aware of the strategy and goals​
  • Governance oversees performance against goals​
  • Governance reviews problem areas / situations and agrees solutions / changes in direction