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Strategy and Innovation

IT project statistics are sobering. Most organizations experience a 70% failure rate (4PM) . 78% of project goals are not aligned to business objectives (Geneca) and even worse, 17% fail so badly they threaten the existence of the company (Calleam). These realities continue to underscore the credibility gap IT Leaders face with executive peers and the business and often failures aren’t even attributable to IT but rather to the Business. Business executives either change priorities or become disinterested in participating in IT projects. Running IT as a business may be a strategic imperative but changing the perception of IT from provider to strategic partner and enabler can be daunting. 
Strategy and Innovation

Today’s CIO’s must be both technically and business savvy and comfortable working with executive peers as well as business stakeholders. Having a SEAT at the TABLE = HIGH EXPECTATIONS. Living up to those high expectations requires adaptability to balance operational demands with innovation the business requires to create and sustain competitive advantage—a tall order indeed. OwlPoint can help you engage more collaboratively with executive peers to articulate and demonstrate the critical role IT plays in organizational performance and delivery of business value.  We know from experience that the CIOs who that have a strong understanding of business priorities are more effective at driving partnerships and shared accountability with their business counterparts. OwlPoint helps drive better engagement and transparency with stakeholders by: 

  • Aligning and prioritizing initiatives with business goals
  • Obtaining executive support for initiatives
  • Create & enhance the User Experience
  • Articulating IT’s value proposition in financial terms and improve financial accountability for IT spend