Our History

When we founded OwlPoint our objective was to launch a better consulting company.

We all worked for numerous organizations and saw the same issues time and again. We observed trouble matching consultants who had the right skills with customer needs. In addition, integrating practical solutions into big picture strategy was always a challenge. And all too often, the people who developed the solution and sold the project were not the same people left to execute the plan. In essence, the client ended up working with a team that they didn’t meet until after the deal was signed.

It all seemed designed to make it even harder for the client to meet their goals.

There is a need in the industry to provide services focused on efficiency and effectiveness. All too often clients and consulting firms are focused solely on getting technology implemented but ignoring the whole picture. How does this technology line up with business needs? Who is going to manage and support the technology or IT service after it is implemented? What are the true costs of a project?

To compound the situation, the people side of IT is all too often ignored. In order for any solution to be effective the people on the ground need to understand the company’s goals and the plan to reach those goals.

High end consultancies often provide large-scale strategies without the practical knowledge of what it takes to implement them. This results in wonderful sounding objectives and grandiose strategies that frequently fail to come to fruition or end up taking longer and costing significantly more money than was originally planned. These consultancies are expensive. They charge extremely high-rates for supposedly better skills and experience, but often put junior associates and college hires to do much of the work. They often subcontract work to other consultants to get the job done.


We know that we can provide excellent value to our clients. We charge reasonable rates, for highly-experienced consultants.

At OwlPoint we are committed to providing better consulting results than our competitors at less expensive rates. We do this by:

  • Using proven consulting methodologies developed over the past 20 years
  • Having consultants with extensive background who have worked in corporate IT organizations, as well as consulting companies
  • Making efficiency a priority, not only for our clients, but also for ourselves
  • Finding people that are part of the OwlPoint family who are passionate about helping our clients
  • Keeping our operating costs low
  • Staying focused on our core services
  • We strive to work well with people and want our clients to love us not only when we are there but also after we leave.

Over the past decade OwlPoint has consistently achieved their goal of being a high-valued consultancy. We have demonstrated repeatedly our ability to help companies large and small with maturing their IT organization and helping companies find the best way to leverage technology to achieve their business goals. OwlPoint has continuously confirmed that our approach and methodologies are appropriate and effective, and we are proud of the successes we have helped our clients achieve.

As we wrap up our first decade of business we look forward to helping you find solutions to your challenges.