IT Service Desk Assessment

In most organizations, the “face of IT” is the Service Desk. The quality of service they provide, the speed at which issues are resolved, and the experience that the Service Desk delivers forms an opinion of the entire IT department. The capabilities of the IT Organization are judged every, single day through each employee interaction.

Improving the IT Service Desk experience by optimizing Operational Processes has the benefit of improving the perception of the entire IT organization while at the same time, achieving cost savings which can be reallocated from operations to business differentiating activities.

The best way to get started is with a Service Desk Assessment. Our proven ADVICE methodology develops a strategy and roadmap that transforms the Service Desk, and supporting service providers, into an integrated, customer-focused team that is responsive to the business. We review the current capabilities of the Service Desk and translates an organization’s vision and goals into a realistic, customized, actionable plan that will drive the next stage of the Service Desk Improvement program.

The Service Desk Assessment services ensure that the requirements are well defined for designing an effective Service Desk Improvement Program based tailored to the individual needs of the client. Service Desk Assessment engagements that OwlPoint will provide include:

  • Documented Service Management Vision and Goals
  • A Process Maturity Assessment and Current State Analysis
  • A High-level review of the Service Desk Application
  • A Roadmap which diagrams the move-forward plan
  • An Executive Presentation describing the findings, recommendations, and roadmap