IT Service Catalog Development

An IT Service Catalog provides the business with a straightforward and easily understood description of the Services the IT Organization is providing to the business.  This catalog defines the specifics of the service as-well-as the associated service levels and can be the starting point for a user to engage the IT group to order a service.

Some IT organizations will avoid formalizing an IT Service Catalog for fear that they will not be able to achieve the stated requirements or that the IT group will be perceived as a cost center and possibly outsourced. However, without a formal service catalog, quality of service and cost expectations for the technology and services delivered will not be understood.  If an expectation is not set, it can never be met, and often times IT organizations are expected to deliver unrealistic service capabilities with no agreement because services are not defined and agreed to.

A common and valid question is, ‘What are we getting for our money?”  By defining your IT services and setting up a service catalog, IT can properly set expectations for both the business and the IT group, with all costs and service levels well understood before the IT service is delivered.  The money allocated, for rendered services will be clear to all parties involved and they will know what to expect and when. This also makes it possible to align IT services directly with the business strategies they support and has the additional advantage of helping IT show executive management the value it provides to the rest of the organization.

One of the most challenging aspects of publishing an IT Service Catalog is the definition of all of the IT Services and even understanding exactly what is an IT Service.  OwlPoint is experienced in working with all types of business to define a set of IT services that makes sense for their organization.  From workshops to leadership forums to technical implementations of workflows, OwlPoint is able to help our clients assemble, implement, and manage a IT Service Catalog.  This catalog becomes the foundation of IT Service Management Best Practices and demonstrates to the business a value-driven IT Organization.