CMS/CMDB Design & Implementation

The decentralization and adoption of more distributed technologies has led to unwanted differences in processes creating inconsistent or suboptimal performance in technology systems and services. One of the smartest ITSM investments is the implementation of a CMS or CMDB. The benefits are significant. However, unless done correctly, CMS/CMDBs will become worthless within a year.

The benefits of a CMS/CMDB and the difficulties and challenges that can arise from such an endeavor is a core area of expertise at OwlPoint. Therefore, we provide the following in a CMS/CMDB Design and Implementation Service:

  • Define the Service Asset and Configuration Management Process
  • Establish the definition of Configuration Items
  • Develop the Database Schema of the CMS/CMDB
  • Identify how to integrate CMS/CMDB into other processes such as Change Management
  • Develop a governance plan to ensure the integrity of the CMS/CMDB on a continual basis
  • Provide training as necessary