ITIL Expertise

In today’s age of customer-centered service delivery, a high level of ITIL maturity is more than an organizational capability; it is a strategic asset.

OwlPoint designs ITIL processes that are a strategic asset.

Most consultancies, take a generic, high-level process description from the ITIL books and deliver a cookie-cutter, pile of documentation that has little benefit. The ITIL book may tell you ‘what’ should be done, but it doesn’t describe at a detailed level ‘how’ to do it.

We believe there is an art to the design of a really good process but you cannot have a really good process without a good methodology.

OwlPoint’s proven ADVICE© methodology is derived from years of experience selecting, implementing, and assessing dozens of ITSM systems.

ADVICE© begins by taking the time to understand the risks, needs and costs associated with not taking action and ASSESS those associated with the specific business problems that need to be resolved. We dig deep into the organization and DISCOVER solutions through interviews across stakeholders that will grow with VISION of the organizational maturity level as well as support competitive INNOVATION.  It is key that the right people and responsibilities are identified that can lead the CHANGE within an organization therefore our People Management expertise is a foundational element in our methodology. Last, and maybe most important, we ESTABLISH the governance criteria for managing the process moving forward.

If needed we can provide various levels of training for the new process varying from training focused on those that will lead the process to members of staff that will participate or be affected by the processes.

ITIL Process Design

As we mentioned above, there is an art to the design of a process.

On one hand, processes are typically very scientific, with clear goals defined and quantifiable inputs and outputs. Yet, putting together a complex process workflow that addresses most situations, which is simple and clear – that is an art.

At OwlPoint, we pride ourselves on our ability to define processes that are simple, effective, and easy to manage. OwlPoint is highly skilled in the design, implementation, operation, and optimization of ITIL processes.

We are familiar, not only with the common processes such as Incident Management and Change Management, but also with all 26 ITIL processes, including those higher level processes implemented by more mature organizations such as Business Relationship Management and Supplier Management.

Whether you are looking to improve a single process, or to implement a comprehensive ITSM Program, OwlPoint can design the processes and establish the required implementation plans. When implementing multiple processes, OwlPoint will provide guidance and structure to a program that defines the sequence of work activities that need to take place, often identifying maturity that is needed in one process before a second process is able to be implemented.

ITIL Process Optimization

Congratulations! You have one or more formal ITIL process in place and now you are looking to maximize your investment and improve organizational efficiency. Almost every process implementation starts at a rudimentary level of maturity.

After the initial implementation has become well understood and stable, efforts can be made to improve those processes and/or increase the scope of the ITIL program. OwlPoint has deep expertise in IT Service Management and the full spectrum of the ITIL processes.

As part of an ITIL Process Optimization exercise we can perform the following:

  • Review your current ITIL processes
  • Identify where issues may exist (People and Organization, Process, Partners, or the supporting tools)
  • Determine areas to improve individual procedures or the overall process
  • Determine enhancements to metrics and reporting
  • Provide guidance for maturity enhancements

Let OwlPoint help you with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. The positive results of an ITIL Process Optimization project far exceed the costs of our services.