Project Excellence

We help project managers  become excellent project leaders.

CIOs need a project leader that can do more than run status meetings and generate reports. While planning and reporting are all important qualities, true Project Excellence requires deep skills in communications, leadership and accountability. Otherwise, projects will face risk and more easily fail.

Ideally, your project leader should be knowledgeable and have experience in understanding potential risks or pitfalls to avoid before they cause delays and added expense. However, these real-world skills require a specific breadth of knowledge that can only be obtained from designing and delivering multiple, cross-industry, complex technology solutions.

OwlPoint’s Project Excellence ADVICE© methodology will fast-track a project manager’s ability to lead with greater efficiency, meet the increasing demand for fast-paced change and the confidence to manage a high preforming project team.


Project leaders need to be able to connect the dots from start to finish, all the while keeping the higher-level end goal in sight.

OwlPoint project leaders have a unique blend of leadership prowess that allow them to see things and execute from different vantage points. Beyond core project management ability, we understand the business goals, establish trusting relationships with stakeholders and teams, and clearly articulate that we understand each of stakeholder obstacles and unique business needs. We also believe it is key elevate risks right out of the gate that could cause communication gaps down the road.