Culture, People & Change Management

Does your IT organization work well in teams? What is their ability to accept change? Do you have the right leadership style to drive employee success? You need to be seriously thinking about these questions because CIOs from your competitor are.

We believe the better you are at the People Management side of IT, the more efficient and effective at operational excellence, customer satisfaction and agility you will be across the business. One way to improve your People Management skills is to hire a business strategist who is part technologist, part business analyst a part human resource savvy to provide guidance.

Whether we are helping an organization develop processes, run programs and projects, or develop a 3-year IT Strategy, the human side of the solution is equally important and infused into our consulting methodology. Not only does our experience help keep projects on track, avoids landmines and delays, delivers within budget and helps you retain valuable employees but your team will remain motivated and be more productive. Best of all, your customers will reap the benefits.

Some areas in which we have helped:

  • Leading projects and working with all of the individual players, understanding how to manage people
  • Investigating team dynamics and determining who works well with each other
  • Investigating morale issues and developing solutions to help make people enjoy their jobs better
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Investigating and validating individual skillsets
  • Working with a client to help recruit the right person for a particular position
  • Developing training plans
  • Improving customer service technique