Governance Committee

In today’s ever-changing business environment, organizations need to be reactive and agile while at the same time ensure that they stay on track to achieve their strategies and goals. In order to achieve those goals, effective governance—which facilitates effective decision-making—must be put in place.

An Governance Committee, backed by a services oriented governance framework will provide clear decision making and agreements on priorities, ensure that IT decisions are consistent with stakeholder vision and that IT delivers maximum value to the business. Without such a forum, organizations end up creating conflict and competing with themselves. This leads to wasted time and resources, as well as interpersonal conflict within departments and cross-functional teams.

OwlPoint’s proven ADVICE© consulting methodology helps organizations quickly establish the governance committee charter and assemble the team that forms the committee. We work closely with the executive leadership to determine what types of issues need to be addressed, how to best foster effective decision making, and establish objectives, scope, and procedures for the committee.

We also support clients with their Governance Committee transition by working with the designated leader to act as an objective voice to facilitate meetings, reviewing current issues, ideas and plans to move forward. Once ready, we hand off a functional Governance Committee to the designated team leader.