Operational Excellence

Too many business leaders think that Operational Excellence is mostly about cutting costs. They are wrong. Operational Excellence is a strategy of driving costs out of the entire business system through an integrated process of achieving ultimate effectiveness and efficiency, and continous improvement.

Although not strictly a technology role, it is a strategic role that the CIO should undertake because a foundation of operational excellence ultimately becomes the platform to drive business change. When core requirements like on-time project delivery, infrastructure needs and high levels of service to stakeholder are in place, the CIO can focus on driving the strategic change of increased revenue, enabling innovation, and helping the company enter new markets more quickly.

The role of Operational Excellence is the CIO’s job and bottom line is the CIO’s success lies in the ability to bring Operational Excellence to every aspect of the business. When ready, OwlPoint can help you achieve ultimate efficiency and effectiveness by;

  • Minimizing Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) costs that provide the ability to shift IT investments towards business differentiating initiatives.
  • Maximizing customer service through timely response and a positive outcome.
  • Streamlining interdepartmental requests and ensuring that they are effectively managed.
  • Ensuring that all requests are properly prioritized and that all IT Services are delivered as consistently as possible.