Strategic Visual Roadmap

When defining a strategic direction, either for a key initiative or for an entire organization, it is important to understand the initial sets of goals and objectives as well as the longer term vision. The best way to do this is to establish a visual roadmap that lays out a multi-phase plan with specific achievements per milestone.

The OwlPoint Strategic Visual Roadmap harnesses decades of collective knowledge obtained from designing, developing, and delivering multiple, complex technology solutions cross-methodologies. Along with our proprietary ADVICE© methodology, the OwlPoint Strategic Visual Roadmap ensures course direction is coordinated holistically, activities are performed in the correct sequence, risk has been reduced and stakeholders will succeed in their roles as they contribute to their organization’s business objectives. ADVICE© will also help your organization move towards best practices, and drive more informed strategic purchasing and planning decisions, while also uncover potential cost-saving and productivity increases. You also gain insight on how your industry peers are handling similar challenges, where you fall on the technology curve and how you compare to certain benchmarks.

ADVICE© uses a number of in-depth measures to achieve a crystal clear view. The OwlPoint Strategic Visual Roadmap includes:

  • Specific milestone or objective reached
  • Clear objectives into categories
  • Achievements per category
  • Gantt relative charts

A large version of the OwlPoint Strategic Visual Roadmap is then shared on display so that progress can be tracked against the plan and to ensure teams are kept organized, motivated and on track. It also proves to be beneficial for:

  • Sharing the details of the plan with stakeholders
  • Articulating the vision
  • Assuring that your team is aligned along the journey
  • Being an integral to the success of any business initiative