CEO/CIO Business Alignment

Each year your CEO sets or confirms their vision for the future of the company and establishes goals that outline how to execute on that vision. However when the priorities of the CIO and CEO are not in synch it inevitably leads to misunderstandings about the value that IT is delivering to the organization.

Everything that IT does needs to align with and support the vision and goals set by the CEO. More than that, IT needs to be able to demonstrate, quantify, and actively manage that alignment.

OwlPoint can help you develop and manage that process. We start by mapping your entire portfolio of projects, to one or more of the CEO’s goals. We can then help build a blueprint in which your IT team will execute and that you can leverage as a communication tool to share with your business partners. If senior management, for example seeks to increase sales by 5%, increase headcount by 15%, or spin-off a business unit, OwlPoint can help you align your initiatives to support such directives as well as develop the metrics and controls to ensure that your efforts are achieving those business goals.

The CEO’s vision and goals are the kind of initiatives and activities that the CIO can take point in demonstrating some business sensitivity however, displaying that type of sensitivity and doing something about it are two very different things.