CIO Enterprise Strategy

35% of IT projects fail not because of IT, but because of the business. Business executives either change priorities, or become disinterested in their participation in IT’s projects. Running IT as a business may be a strategic imperative, but shifting the perception of IT’s role into an overall business strategy can be daunting.

In other words, SEAT at the TABLE = HIGH EXPECTATIONS. The challenge for CIOs today is living up to the high expectations that come with a seat at the table — expectations to drive business results through technology.

OwlPoint can help you close the gap to engage more collaboratively with executives in strategy discussions that deliver better business benefits and IT effectiveness.  We know from experience that CIOs that have a good understanding of the near and longer term business priorities are more effective at driving partnerships and shared accountability with the business side.

Working with the broader team, OwlPoint will help drive better engagement with business stakeholders and increase transparency into IT investments and priorities by:

  • Helping IT leaders align projects with business goals
  • Obtaining executive support for initiatives
  • Capitalizing on the expertise within their organizations
  • Cementing ITs role as a critical player in any technology decisions for the business